Friendpc.Com Scam: Find out about reviews, job, virtual friend, and app

To learn more about Friendpc.Com Scam, including reviews and its legitimacy, read complete facts.

Michael Gregory II, Chula Vista’s CEO, has been with MGII Enterprise LLC since November 2018. Michael launched MGII Enterprise LLC’s first app installation campaign using a targeted strategy. He was awarded a two-day package worth $400K. Michael is passionate about making people’s lives easier. is very popular in the United States, and India. Did you know that Friendpc is a scam? Let’s look at the Friendpc.Com Scam.

About, a website for platonic friendship, is available. You can also hire it as a chatting site.

  1. Life coaches
  2. Virtual Friend
  3. Virtual Gamer
  4. Virtual Girlfriend

It is possible to find a girlfriend abroad, such as in Japan. Multi-player and cross-platform gaming is also very popular. Gamers are making friends with each other and sharing their gaming videos on Twitch or YouTube.

People are also turning to life coaches to gain practical advice about how to improve their personal relationships, careers, and business. Life coaches can be either certified counselors or experienced personnel. As a virtual friend , you must be patient and confidential when listening to your client’s feelings. brings these services together and makes them online. They provide services in different countries with qualified personnel. The process of visiting counselors, friends, or girlfriends is eliminated. It’s a new concept from

Register with your username, password, email address. An email verification will be sent to the registered address for confirmation. After the user has verified his account by clicking the link in the email, the account can be used to access services Register. reviews: got 217 votes on a Reddit posting, which opened the door to 97% upvotes. The authenticity of the post was questioned by 70 comments. But, none of the freelancers responded to the post (or) commented on the payment received, the ease-of-working, or the work environment.

More than 13 website reviews are neutral. Friendpc reviews on YouTube, Reddit and other websites highlight the ease of making money online. Reviews on were limited to likes on profiles of freelancers. Social media accounts did not include Reviews.

Social media links

Conclusion: has a medium 76% trust score and a 47.4% rank in the business category, a 37% suspicion score and a remarkable 175,803 Alexa rank. It uses a less secure HTTP protocol and IP doesn’t have an SSL certificate. has a domain authority score of 19/100 below the average. is recommended for only experienced internet users.

Did you find reviews useful? Comment below about Friendpc.Com Scam. Scam – FAQ

1Q. What is a Friendpc scam related to?

Posts on social media suggest a possibility of a $50/hour payment. Many comments indicate that there are discrepancies.

2Q. How old is

Launchpad Inc, MA, USA registered on 25 November 2018. It is 4 years, 2 months, and 1 day old.

3Q. Does has a moble application?

The Friendpc App is currently unavailable due to unknown reasons. The Friendpc App is not available in Google Play or Apple stores. The app was launched earlier and is available under the mobile App link.

4Q. What are the job opportunities at

Opportunities exist for those who are able to provide safe and valuable advice (even cerebral health coaches) and partner with gamers on gaming platforms. They can also act as virtual girlfriends. These services can be accessed as friendpc job at a current rate of $10-$26K.


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