Julio Urias Video Spilled on Twitter: Is His Sweetheart Daisy Perez? Are Spouse Pics Availablee? View as Total assets and Violencia News Here!

Find subtleties on buzz in regards to the video of Julio Urias Video Spilled on Twitter. Peruse to know why it is stirring things up.

Do you have a lot of experience with Julio Urias? For what reason would he say he is all around the information in the US and Mexico? It isn’t a result of his abilities as a left-given pitcher. The real issue is that there’s a video of Julio Urias Video Spilled on Twitter, and it’s making a great deal of clamor in the media.

Individuals need to understand how he got in the news like this. Peruse down in the post underneath.

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Late news on Julio

On September 3, 2023, authorities captured Julio Urias. This caused a major mix in the news since he was captured for Julio Urias Violencia. A video of him yelling at a lady was spilled via virtual entertainment.

He utilized terrible words, which was seen by a larger number of people in the group. A portion of individuals on location revealed this occasion to the police. After this, he was accused of abusive behavior at home and was captured.

More subtleties on Julio’s new occurrence

Julio was welcome to a soccer match coordinated by LAFC in the BMO arena. It was a well disposed match highlighting a legend, Lionel Messi. Julio Urias Video Spilled on Twitter and turned into a web sensation after he got captured around 11 p.m. on Sunday.

Police took Julio’s care, and he was moved to LAPD Prison. Individuals are least mindful of what has been going on with Julio after bondage. The inquiries concerning his capture are a large number. In this way, we have a few insights regarding it in the following segment.

Where could Julio Urias currently be?

Julio Urias’ capture shocks large numbers of his fans. After his abusive behavior at home guardianship, he was in prison for something like four hours. After broad request, he was delivered on Monday morning around 5 am after a $ 50000$ bond.

Public uncertainty that the lady in the video is Julio Urias Sweetheart Daisy Perez. Upon examination, the authority affirmed that the lady was not his sweetheart. Yet, Who is Daisy Parez? It is the inquiry among the public at this point.

Daisy Parez subtleties

There are relatively few insights concerning Daisy Parez’s own life. The main data that is known is she is Julio Urias’ sweetheart. She has an Instagram profile with 2,000 400 adherents. Be that as it may, she is inert on this stage.

Daisy was available with Julio Urias at the BMO Arena. In any case, the lady included isn’t her. Since Daisy got precluded here, individuals began searching for Julio’s Better half Pics. Our exploration study uncovers that Julio Urias is an unmarried man.


The present moment, Julio Urias isn’t in a tough situation with the police, yet he will not be playing in any more matches or going on trips. The new news about him is on the grounds that a video of him contending with somebody got shared on the web.

It prompted Julio’s capture for aggressive behavior at home. He spent a brief time frame in prison prior to being delivered on bond.

Do you like Julio Urais game? Remark down certain subtleties.

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