Ant Books

Ant Books, an automated online software helps in maintaining your accounts with minimal need of an Accountant and with less data entry. It also helps in filing GST returns, Income tax returns and other data for your reporting and business requirements

Ant Records

Ant Records, A new age thinking in the business environment for maintaining data related to financial, operational and management there by reducing the duplication of work for usage by multiple persons for various reports. Criteria being a major break through, data will be stored in databases with appropriate tags to extract various reports to run business at various levels.

Financial consultancy

Financial Consultancy including but not limited to Book keeping, Accountancy, finance, Income tax, GST and other related financial services.

Data Consultancy

Dealing with data? Feeling lost or no grip on various Operations of your business? Or unable to get status reports? Then let's have a chat. We provide Data Consultancy by analysing your business and design a process flow and help you implement processes in your business with digital solutions.

Software solutions

Providing Online software solutions for your business based on your needs and preferences. New business or existing, we power it up with technology.