South Carolina Girl Video: Check Details Of Viral Video From Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter Read Full Story!

The South Carolina Girl Video article inspected a sketchy video of a young woman who declares to learn at USC.

Do you are recognizable another well known video of a young woman claiming to be a student at USC? How could she answer? Accepting you are excited about this point’s nuances, follow this article on South Carolina Girl Video. People from Brazil, Mexico, and the US are intrigued to know current real factors about a young woman who included threatening words for another young woman in a video.

Information on South Carolina Girl Video

A video got viral on different electronic diversion stages in the earlier week. The young woman is named Jamie Lynn Scott, and ensuring she is a South Carolina school student. She at first used a couple of racial remarks against a person of variety, and subsequently she was intervened by a young woman, who was in like manner dim and the person who recorded the viral video.

In this video that got famous on Youtube, Jamie Lynn furthermore elaborate the ‘horrible words for the young woman who asked her name. Lynn used strong, unforgiving, racial and unacceptable words for the ethnic minority and their neighborhood. She moreover flaunted about her fans by means of virtual diversion. She affirmed to go to the eminent School of South Carolina.

Reaction From The Individuals And Authorities

Whenever the video turned into a web sensation, people began looking at this point through virtual diversion. People went after her for using such comments and showing such hatred. The video at first got viral on Tiktok and got countless points of view.

After some time, eminent forces to be reckoned with started talking about this event, which welcomed to the data on the School. They replied from their power Twitter handle that she was not a student at their School. Then, at that point, people figured she ought to go to the Specific South Carolina school. After some time, they in like manner denied and posted a tweet as a result of the cases. She is a well known online diversion force to be reckoned with more than 10000 enthusiasts.

Information on Instagram Account And Other Details

She has more than 19000 allies, has 141 posts, and follows 520 people on the association. She portrayed herself as a notable individual, and it is the principal record she has. According to her photos, she is by all accounts a school going young woman. She in like manner has a tattoo.

Various virtual amusement powerhouses, including ‘Tizzyent’, have examined her. He referred to bits of knowledge with respect to Jamie in his video. He figured out the whole situation. That video is open on Twitter.


The article inspected a moving video. It integrated a school going young woman who started to use hostile remarks about a person of variety. What’s more, a while later, she starting including unfriendly words for a person of variety who recorded her video. She flaunted about being notable through virtual amusement and going to a regarded school. Later the school declined her cases. Read the Central Carolina Technical College’s statement here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1: What’s going on in the video?

A girl used racist and offensive comments on a black man and a lady. 

2: Who is the lady who used offensive words for a black man and black a lady?

She is Jamie Lynn Scott. She is an undergrad and online entertainment powerhouse

3: Which college did she went to attend which is shown in the video?

She said that she is a student at USC which stands for the University of South Carolina.

4: Is she a student at the University Of South Carolina?

No, the University has declined her claims.

5: Is the video accessible on Telegram?

Yes, the video is accessible on every social media platform.


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