Spotify Sound not working, Spotify Sound not working, How to Fix Spotify Sound Not working?

Spotify Sound not working: Spotify is a Swedish streaming audio service that was founded on 23 April 2006 by Martin Lorentzon and Daniel Ek. It is the largest music streaming service provider, with more than 456 million active users per month, and 195 million paying subscribers as of September 2022. Spotify Sound Not Working for some users. If this is you, read the article to find out why Spotify Sound Not Working.

Spotify Sound Not Working

Spotify Sound not working, Spotify is a Swedish streaming audio service that millions of people use to listen to music. Is Spotify Sound Not Working? Spotify is one the best streaming music services on the market. Spotify was unrestricted from its inception. With just one click, Spotify can be played on your car stereos, Google Home speakers, Windows 10 computers and mobile phones. This is incredible. Spotify has millions of songs.

Spotify doesn’t sound when it plays. Spotify doesn’t sound on Android/iPhone/PC. The next section will explain. The next section contains all the necessary solutions. The next sections will explain how to fix Spotify no sound problems.

Spotify Sound Doesn’t Work

Spotify: Why is Spotify playing songs but not sounding? Sometimes you might need clarification. In this instance, you can adjust the volume. You will still need to fix it. What could be causing no sound on Spotify? This could be due to one of the following reasons. Your Spotify app must be updated. Your device or Spotify app might need technical assistance. Your CPU or RAM is full. Spotify is not connected to the correct sound device. The audio system may be malfunctioning.

Check the Volume on your PC/Android/iPhone

You can adjust the volume of your PC/Android/iPhone if you’re admitted to this problem.

Spotify’s sound not working in Windows 10

  • Click the sound icon in the upper right corner of Windows Computer. Right-click it
  • Select “Volume Mixer” from the context menu.
  • You can adjust the volume and sound effects of your speakers, as well as other applications.
  • Next, open the Spotify desktop app. Make sure that the volume isn’t muted.

Sound not working on Spotify Android/iPhone

Spotify Sound not working, If you’re listening to Spotify on your smartphone, you can press the volume icons. The volume up or down buttons are usually located on the left side of your iPhone or Android phone. Change the notification settings and find the sounds. You should also examine the volume settings in your Spotify app.

How to Fix Spotify Sound Not Working

The following solutions are recommended if your device’s volume is not adjusted to fix the Spotify Windows 10 or mobile phone issue.

Repair 1- Restart the Spotify app

Spotify will stop working if your device has too much RAM or CPU. To fix the Spotify no sound issue, you can close the Spotify app and relaunch it.

Fix 2: Make sure you have a fast internet connection

Spotify is an online streaming service that requires data to be played. Slow internet connections can cause data loss or delay. You may not experience any sound issues. It is recommended that you switch to WiFi or use cellular data to your mobile device.

Fix 3- Reinstall Spotify App

Using an outdated Spotify app will meet the Spotify sound not working on iPhone/Android/PC/Mac issues. Remove the current Spotify app from your device. Then, uninstall the app and log back in to confirm that it is working.

Fix 4: Free Up More RAM and CPU

For smooth playback, memory and CPU are crucial. Online streaming of songs and videos requires that they be decoded in real-time. This takes up a lot of memory and CPU resources. We recommend closing other apps to reduce the hardware resource consumption. Clear RAM by going to the settings. To resolve the problem, you can also uninstall apps you don’t use anymore.

Restart Your Device

Your devices, such as Windows 10 PC, Android phone or iPhone, will not respond if they freeze. This means that you cannot change the device to fix the problem with Spotify sound playback. All you have to do is force quit your devices, then power them back on.

Fix 6: Check Bluetooth and Hardware

Spotify Connect and Bluetooth can be used to stream Spotify audio to other devices. You can disable it. You should check whether your device’s other apps export sounds. If your device doesn’t export sounds, it may be due to a problem with the sound card or hardware.

7- Use Spotify on a Other Device

Spotify will play but your device may have technical problems. Play Spotify on another device. Try Spotify on your computer if you are having issues with your mobile. You must have the same internet connection as Spotify and the same song.

Fix 8 – Other Songs

The song you’re currently listening to may be having problems. Try playing another song to check if the sound is still available on Spotify.

9- Fix the Default Audio Output Device

Spotify streams audio to Windows 10 using your default sound device. Please ensure that you only connect one audio device to your computer. Spotify will not play if you do not. Let’s set a default audio device on your Windows computer.

  • To launch the WinX menu, hold the Win + X key.
  • Navigate to the Settings panel.
  • Click on the System option to open the Sound section.
  • Scroll down to see more sound settings in the “Advanced” section. The Sound properties window will open.
  • Click the Playback tab to select the audio device that you wish to troubleshoot.
  • Right-click it and choose Set as default device.
  • To save the changes, press ‘OK’ and then close the ‘Sound properties window.

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