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Roblox gamers in Vietnam use Xamroblox.com as a popular website. It has a low visitor count. Roblox users use it because of exclusive retail outlet deals and prizes for investing a certain amount.

Did you know you can also get Robux in prizes Did you know that you can earn 20% more for an upfront investment? Let’s see all information about Xamroblox.com.

About Xamroblox.com

Xamroblox.com offers Robux. The website offers a referral and membership program, which offer VIP and special levels. Four promotional offers are available for VIP and special members.

Members receive a 20% + increase on direct deposits, and a 25% bonus on ATM deposits. Xamroblox allows you to buy Robux with a lower investment.

Top depositors are automatically enrolled to receive prizes. The top depositor gets 10K Robux. The highest amount of deposit is currently VND 2,610,000.

Xamroblox.com was registered in Australia on 15-December-2022. The registration expires in ten months and 22 days.

Xamroblox.com does not provide terms of service, privacy and cookie policies, contact information for customer service, identity and contact details. Privacy Protection Service INC pays to censor its owner’s identity.

Xamroblox.com has not been blacklisted. Xamroblox is using a valid HTTPS protocol. Its IP is a valid HTTPS protocol.

Xamroblox uses ISP VIETNIX Technology and Solution to provide services through three servers: ns1.inet.vn and ns2.inet.vn.


  • TOP 1: 10,000 Robux + MOCHI ETC.
  • TOP 2: 8,000 Robux
  • TOP 3: 5,000 Robux
  • TOP 4: 3,000 Robux
  • TOP 5: 1,000 Robux
  • Refer 10 friends to receive a special referral program
  • Deposit over 1tr get: 1000 Robux

Deals at Xamroblox –

  • Cheap 120H Robux
  • Buy cheap game passes
  • MOCHI cheap price in 24-hrs
  • VIP combo game passes account
  • VIP MOCHI VV + Yore account
  • Xamroblox.comVIP TRIBE account
  • Blox Fruits account: New Year’s Special Accessories
  • Types 1 and 2 of Random Accessories Blox Fruits accounts are available.

Promotions on Xamroblox:

  • MOCHI/LEOPARD 30% Discount
  • 30% Discount on all YESYORU brands
  • Get 120k with a 20% top-up card when you deposit 100k
  • 25% bonus via ATM/MOMO upon depositing 100k, to receive 125k

Customer Reviews:

There were no customer reviews available online or on customer review sites. YouTube’s @Xamroblox channel has over 1.2K subscribers, while the #xamrobloxTikTok page has more than 15,000,000 views.

Links to social media for Xamroblox.com


Xamroblox.com received a horrible 2% trust score, 38.9% of business and zero Alexa score. It scored 37% in suspicion, 50% on threat and Phishing scores, 50% on , 88% on spam profiles, and 4% for malware profiles. Xamroblox.com appears to be a high-risk and unlegitimate website that is not safe for users’ devices, PII and payment data. It is therefore doubtful that the top payments on Xamroblox are authentic (or included by the Xamroblox staff).

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Xamroblox.com – FAQ

1Q.How to register on Xamroblox.com?

A user can register directly on Xamroblox or use their Facebook credentials for log-in.

2Q. What content is hosted on Xamroblox.com and its social media accounts?

Xamroblox.com features videos of promotional offers. Its YouTube and TikTok accounts also featured recorded and live Roblox gameplays.

3Q. Was any customer acknowledgment found anywhere on the internet about offers, prizes, and investment returns getting credited?

There was no acknowledgment.

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